Dantherm dehumidifiers
All Dantherm dehumidifiers work in accordance with condensation principle. They are designed to handle such environments as apartments, summer cottages, laundries, museums. They are used to dehumidify new buildings, in overcoming flood consequences, for wood, furs and food drying.

Dantherm air handlers
Modular DanX air handlers are a perfect solution for ventilation and air dehumidification in swimming pool halls. DanX are designed corrosion-proof for special application in swimming pools and waterparks, and can be fitted with 2 types of dehumidification modules: simple AF or complex XWP.

Dehumidification is the best solution to prevent buildings damage and provide comfort in humid environment. Our customers and pool owners must be aware, that standard ventilation systems do not suit swimming pool halls. As electricity costs constantly increase, heat recovery and heat pump systems become the most practical solution. Dantherm is the most functional product among the units, specifically designed for swimming pools.



  • Air dehumidification and heating in swimming pool halls
  • Excess moisture removal in saunas, bathrooms, summer cottages and basements
  • Excess moisture removal in laundries, drying rooms for bedclothes and working clothes
  • Water treatment and pumping stations
  • Removing moisture from warehouses, garages, yachts etc.
  • Overcoming leakages or floods
  • Deep dehumidification in ice arenas, wine and beer cellars, vegetable storehouses, cold rooms etc. (for adsorption dehumidifiers)
  • Process air dehumidification in glass production, in food and pharmaceutical industries (for adsorption dehumidifiers)
  • Excess moisture removal in water treatment facilities to prevent piping, fittings and electrics corrosion (for adsorption dehumidifiers)
  • Decreasing humidity in non-heated warehouses for metal, grain, textiles; in museum storage facilities in order to save heat during storage (for adsorption dehumidifiers)

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